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We’ve got integrated solutions in the bag

With numerous moving parts to any business, it makes sense to bring key services together under the same service provider. The most critical aspects in the retail and commercial sector is protecting your assets, as well as caring for the safety and wellbeing of your customers, clients and employees.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Agile Cleaning personnel are trained and equipped to provide high-level cleaning in commercial premises of any size. We can create a regular cleaning schedule based on the size of your premises and the frequency you require, including after-hours services or quiet times for 24-hour operations.

Safety and Security

Protect every angle of your business. Agile Group offers a diverse range of security services to identify potential risks and provide targeted solutions. Whether you need CCTV and alarm installation, mobile security patrols, emergency response plans or traffic management, Agile can deliver.

Event Support

Planning an event at your office or commercial premises? Agile Group’s integrated services can supply cleaning pre and post the event, security and crowd control where needed, traffic management, and event staff to look after the comfort of your guests.


/ Crowd Care and Control

/ Event Security

/ Security Officers

/ Mobile Patrols and Response

/ Cash in Transit

/ Hard Waste Pickup and Removal

/ Launder Linens

/ Venue Clean

/ Cleaning Consumables

/ Hygiene Services

/ Traffic Management

/ Alarm Installation, Monitoring and Response

/ CCTV Installation and Maintenance

/ Risk Assessment and Consultation