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In manufacturing, time is money. Experience the ease and cost-efficiency of engaging a service provider that can deliver multiple soft services. Agile Group bring a number of solutions under one umbrella to streamline your security, safety, traffic management and cleaning needs.

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How Agile Group Helps the Industrial and Manufacturing Industry

Safety and Security

Ensure a safe and secure workplace with a full risk assessment to identify potential threats from workplace accidents to industrial sabotage or brand damage. To minimise your risk exposure, Agile Integrated Security provides a full scope of security services including CCTV and alarm monitoring, mobile patrols, and security guards.

Traffic Management

The heavy equipment and machinery used in manufacturing, industry and agriculture present a unique set of safety challenges. Agile Safety can provide a full risk assessment and traffic management plan to support the safety of road users , employees and the general public.

We can supply pilot and escort vehicles, or safety barriers and containment fences, traffic lights and signage, where agricultural or other over-dimension vehicles need to be relocated. And due to our great relationship with government bodies, we can plan, process and fast-track DTEI permits.


Agile Logistics and Transport can provide warehousing or logistics solutions supporting routine supply routes and deliveries including heavy haulage, or one-off projects such as business relocations.

Healthy Working Environments

The health of your employees, contractors and end consumers relies on clean, well-maintained premises. Agile Property Services can establish a regular cleaning routine to sanitise production areas, staff break rooms and bathrooms, supply hygiene and cleaning supplies, and dispose of on-site waste.

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With service streams including integrated security, commercial cleaning, traffic management, safety, grounds maintenance, hospitality and logistics, Agile group is placed to deliver the solution you need.

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