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Creating safe and healthy learning environments

Every student deserves a learning environment that supports their health and wellbeing. Agile Group contributes to this by providing a diverse range of security and cleaning services tailored to the size and structure of your facility.

Instead of dealing with multiple agencies and budgets, we can streamline your most important services into a single integrated solution.

Safe Learning Environments

Whether you educate preschoolers or mature-age university students, every student and member of staff has a right to feel safe while in your care. Agile Group can run a risk assessment of your facility to identify how you can best protect students, teachers, parents and visitors while on site.

Is it time to review what alarm systems you have in place to alert personnel of fires, break-ins, or assaults? Do you need CCTV installed to monitor hallways, carparks and the grounds of your school or campus? Is there a need for security patrols or security guards during certain periods of the day or night?

Healthy Learning Environments

Sanitation is a high priority in schools and classrooms where many children or adults are in very close proximity. Agile Cleaning can establish a regular schedule to clean surfaces and remove waste from classrooms, common areas, bathrooms and faculty areas.

We can also arrange the bulk provision of hygiene and cleaning products, such as toilet rolls, sanitary items, detergents, etc., to assure excellent value.


/ Alarm Installation, Monitoring and Response

/ CCTV Installation and Maintenance

/ Cleaning Services

/ Waste Disposal

/ Hygiene and Cleaning Consumables

/ Risk Assessment