Creating Safe and Healthy Learning Environments

Every student deserves a learning environment that supports their health and wellbeing. Agile Group contributes to this by providing a diverse range of cleaning, outdoor asset management, security and traffic management services tailored to the size and structure of your facility.

Instead of dealing with multiple agencies and budgets, we can streamline your most important services into a single integrated solution.

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How Agile Group Helps the Education Sector

Property Services

Our Property services division can help keep schools, universities and education facilities looking pristine inside and out. We offer outdoor asset management such as routine gardens and turf maintenance, outside cleaning including graffiti removal, and periodic pruning and fertilisation.  Our team can keep inside the building clean too, with cleaning services, waste management and recycling, and hygiene and washroom facilities. 

Safety and Security 

Our Agile safety team can consult on safety issues, and can provide services like test and tag of electricals, and even provide Traffic Controllers to help with the school run or events. Agile Security can assess your building for security risks, install CCTV and provide guards to keep students and staff safe, or after hours patrols for asset protection.

Hospitality & Venue

Our hospitality team can provide chefs and kitchen staff to cater for school kitchens and on-site cafes. 

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Our Integrated Services

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With service streams including integrated security, commercial cleaning, traffic management, safety, grounds maintenance, hospitality and logistics, Agile group is placed to deliver the solution you need.

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