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Building an integrated framework to support your business

Simplify security and safety on your site with Agile Group. Our integrated services give you one contract and one point of contact to look after the safety and wellbeing of your site and everyone who enters it.

Site Security

Construction sites are a high risk target for theft or vandalism. Agile Group provides a range of security services to safeguard your property and tools, including mobile patrols, temporary fencing, and CCTV surveillance. We are also qualified to conduct worksite hazard and safety assessments to identify potential risks and develop site-specific risk management strategies.

Traffic Management

Agile Safety maintains a full membership of the Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) along with Construction Industry OH&S White Card and Traffic Management qualifications. We can supply, install and operate a wide range of traffic management devices for your site in accordance with state legislation and national standards.

Builders’ Cleans

Once the construction is done, Agile Cleaning can clean up your site, disposing of skips and building materials. Our cleaning personnel are also available to conduct pre-handover cleaning to remove grime, paint splatters, marks and dust accumulated during the building process.


/ Traffic Control

/ VMS Signage

/ Temporary Fencing

/ Worksite Assessments

/ Hazard and Job Safety Assessments

/ Transport Logistics

/ DTEI Permits

/ Mobile Patrols

/ CCTV Installation and Maintenance

/ Disposal of Skips and Building Materials

/ Builders’ Cleans

/ Cleaning Consumables