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Are you Interested in a Career With Agile Group?

At the core of Agile Group’s business are our front-line personnel. Our Security Officers, Cleaners, Traffic Controllers and Labourers are the primary product of our company and subsequently our most valued asset.

Through our relationship with the Australian Institute of Management, and with the opportunities available to our staff through promotion or transfer (both locally and interstate), Agile Group offer its staff significant professional development opportunities.

Work-Life Balance

Agile Group promote and facilitate a harmonious work-life balance for our designated work groups through flexible working hours, fixed/rotating rosters, and schedules created with significant staff consultation. This is just one of the ways we uphold our motto - Working together, growing together!

Indigenous Recruitment

Our Indigenous Reskilling, Engagement, Networking Initiative (IRENI) establishes a recruitment framework where Agile Group can establish pathways to sustainable long-term employment (via traineeships) for indigenous candidates.

Careers Newsletter

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