What is an Indigenous Certified Business, and Why are They Important?

Written By Agile Group

There are several things to look out for when searching for the right service provider. No matter the service you need to be provided for, there are many factors to consider. During this process, you may have come across the term "Indigenous Certified Business". It may not matter to you if you don't know what it means, but it's an essential factor to consider.

This article will guide you through what it means to be an Indigenous certified business. Then, we'll discuss how these companies can help the Indigenous community and your business.

What Does "Indigenous Certified Business" Mean?

For a company to become an Indigenous certified business, the majority shareholders must be Indigenous. At least 51% of the people who hold voting shares need to be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. 

Companies are given their certification by Supply Nation, an Australian Indigenous business directory. Once the business has been certified, the company is audited annually. This helps to ensure that they still meet all criteria. This means you can be sure that the company you work with is genuinely majority indigenous owned. 

Also, many Indigenous certified businesses have registered with other organisations. For example, Agile Group has registered with:

  • South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
  • Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria
  • NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce

How do Indigenous Certified Businesses Help the Indigenous Community?

Indigenous certified businesses endeavour to enrich local and discriminated communities. Companies can create employment opportunities and leverage the company's buying power. This means that they can generate social value above what smaller groups could do. 

Agile Group has helped by creating IRENI. Also known as our Indigenous Reskilling, Engagement, and Networking Initiative. With IRENI, we've focused our initiatives on the following:

  • Building financial wealth and economic connectivity for Aboriginal people and businesses
  • Creating stronger Aboriginal communities through training skilled and motivated indigenous workers
  • Challenging the transgenerational trauma prevalent in the Indigenous community
  • Helping build a culturally respectful and cognizant working industry

As part of the IRENI framework, Agile Group has reached its employment and procurement targets. This means we've hired 30% indigenous workers during the 21/22 financial year.

"IRENI establishes a powerful recruitment framework. With it, Agile Group can establish pathways to sustainable long-term employment."

Micheal Boyle, Chairman of Agile Group

Why Partner With an Indigenous Certified Business?

Almost half a century of data from the US and worldwide has shown the benefits of a diverse supply chain. Supplier diversity has been shown to have significant benefits on sustainability within companies. Additionally, diversity has been shown to help with flexibility and innovation as well. 

Partnering with companies can also be helpful if your company has or is developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Working with certified Indigenous companies is an essential part of an effective RAP. 

Due to this, partnering with a certified company can be a catalyst for growth within your organisation. Not working with certified companies could mean missing out on the opportunity to unlock extra value in your supply chain. 

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