What is a Prequalification for Workzone Traffic Management?

Written By Agile Group

If you've looked into hiring traffic management services, you may have encountered a "Prequalification for Workzone Traffic Management" and wondered what it means. Agile Group already has Prequalifications in place for multiple jurisdictions, including Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. We've received a few questions asking what this means and how this will affect our services. 

This blog will discuss what a Prequalification for Workzone Traffic Management is. Then, we'll talk about what it means when hiring traffic management services. 

What is a Prequalification for Workzone Traffic Management?

Prequalification is a system that ensures that only appropriately skilled and experienced companies are allowed to submit tenders to the government bodies responsible for roads and infrastructure in each state.

To become prequalified, a company must demonstrate that they have the experience, technical capacity, available resources and management systems necessary to competently undertake the work.

In short, Prequalification allows us to carry out our traffic management services on state and federal government roads. Without this Prequalification, we would need to take extra steps and work with the local governments to ensure they agreed we could. The Victorian, Queensland and South Australian Departments of Transportation and Main Roads (TMR) has recognised us as sufficiently qualified. This means we can do work without taking many of those extra steps. 

This system consolidates many of the jurisdiction-specific requirements into a single framework. This saves the government, service workers, and clients time and resources.

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What Does This Mean for Hiring Traffic Management Services?

The most important advantage of hiring a Traffic Management team with a Prequalification in your state is that it will save you time during the job. Without needing to take the extra steps to ensure every step meets the jurisdiction's requirements. 

Another advantage is it helps you confirm the team you're working with are experts in traffic management. The steps to meet a Prequalification for Workzone Traffic Management are rigorous. This means you feel safe knowing the team you're working with is completely qualified.

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