National Road Safety Week 15 - 22 May

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National Road Safety Week 2022 kicked off yesterday, and to show our support we want to help raise awareness of the serious issue of road safety on Australian Roads. 

Each year an average of 1,200 Australians die and 44,000 are seriously injured in road accidents every year in Australia. Despite best efforts for reducing the risk of accidents, this figure has risen, with 2021 seeing just over a 2%* increase in road fatalities in some states. The traffic industry is the biggest killer of children under 15, and is the second-biggest killer of all Australians aged between 15 and 24. Most importantly it is preventable.

This highlights the need for initiatives such as National Road Safety Week (NRSW).

Data from Safe Work Australia showed that in 2020, 41%** of all worker fatalities were in relation to a vehicle collision, and 3 out 4 fatalities involved a vehicle. Road workers are at a high risk due to the high levels of exposure to moving vehicles. Therefore in support of our Agile Safety & Traffic workforce we want to help support the National Road Safety Week initiative and help raise awareness of the issue, and reduce the risk to all road users. 

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What is National Road Safety Week?

NRSW is an annual initiative created by the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group and aims to raise awareness of road safety and improve rates of injuries and fatalities on Australian roads. 

SARAH Group was founded by Peter Frazer after his 23-year-old daughter Sarah was killed in a road crash on the Hume Highway in February 2012. 

Sarah’s car had broken down on her way to university and she had pulled into the emergency breakdown lane while waiting for assistance. Tragically, the breakdown lane was not built to the 3 metre Australian standard and while the tow-truck driver was hooking up her car, a passing truck with a distracted driver side-swiped the broken-down car killing both Sarah and the tow-truck driver instantly.  

Therefore SARAH Group set up National Road Safety Week to raise awareness of road safety issues and petition for change on Australian roads. Changes such as ensuring all major roads and highways have breakdown lanes that do not leave drivers, passengers, emergency services, first call service personnel or road workers in harm's way; and requiring drivers to slow down or move lanes when there is a hazard. It is supported by governments, road safety organisations and businesses across the country and internationally. 

Part of this initiative is the yellow ribbon campaign. Yellow ribbons are available to purchase to show your support. They are also lighting up Australian landmarks in yellow for the week of 15-22 May, and they are asking everyone to share their content, raise awareness and pledge to take more care when driving, by not speeding, not driving distracted or tired, and not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 


Speeding is the Most Common Cause of Road Accident

The most common causes of road accidents are:

  1. Speeding 
  2. Distracted driving 
  3. Fatigued driving
  4. Drink driving

Speeding is either travelling faster than the legal limit, or faster than the road conditions would allow. The limit has been set based on the road conditions and is there to help reduce the risk of accidents. This includes temporary speed limits on work sites. We ask that drivers adhere to the speed limit to keep Traffic Controllers and road workers safe.

As well as adhering to the speed limit, drivers should be free from distractions like eating or texting, not tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs in order to drive more safely. 


How Agile Group Are Helping Keep Road Users Safe

We’re investing in technology that helps reduce risks for our Traffic Control team, and provides a safer environment for workers and road users. 

For example, we have a Cone Truck in our traffic management fleet. The cone truck is a dedicated vehicle for highway works and large setups where a large volume of traffic cones are to be used for delineation. This vehicle allows us to deploy cones as required, with a Traffic Controller safely harnessed to the support rail. This means the Traffic Controller is out of the flow of traffic while laying cones. 


Agile Safety Cone Truck, on-site Garden of Unearthly Delights Bump-in 2022

We also have an E-Stop truck in our fleet. An E-Stop truck is designed to carry and charge a set of E-Stops (portable traffic lights) with a built-in solar charging system. The use of E-Stops replaces the need for a Traffic Controller with a Stop-Go baton in lots of situations, meaning another person out of harm’s way of moving traffic. 

We also have a Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA). These advise drivers of the change in driving conditions, but also protect road workers on an active road by absorbing the impact of a crash.


Agile Safety Truck Mounted Attenuator, on-site Topcoat Anzac Highway Project 2022

Our fleet also comes with mounted VMS boards, signage and equipment required, arrow boards and rotating beacons which all work to alert road users of the road works and speed limits. All vehicles also have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

Show Your Support for Improving Road Safety

They have assigned themes relating to all aspects of road safety. Show your support for National Road Safety Week by sharing their content and raising awareness of road safety, and pledging to drive safely. 

  • Sunday 15 May: Remember the 1200: Today we remember the lives lost on our roads.
  • Monday 16 May: The Road to Zero: Take the pledge to drive so others survive.
  • Tuesday 17 May: Road trauma – the true impact: Travel safe so we can all live without injury and trauma.
  • Wednesday 18 May: Protect our protectors: Slow down to protect those who protect and assist us.
  • Thursday 19 May: How safe is my car: Think about safety when choosing a car and check how safe your current car is.
  • Friday 20 May: Let us all get home safe: When driving, slow down and look out for pedestrians
  • Saturday 21 May: Share the road: Give each other the space needed to be safe.
  • Sunday 22 May: Take care on country roads: Slow down, be alert and drive to the conditions.


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If you’d like to find out more about Agile Safety & Traffic services or equipment feel free to contact us. 

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*Data provided by NRSW 2022

**Data provided by Safe Work Australia 2020