Indigenous Engagement


Agile Group, is an Indigenous owned Australian company certified by Supply Nation.

We endeavor to enrich the local communities in which we operate through the creation of employment opportunities and by leveraging the company's buying power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods or services being procured.

To achieve this, Agile Group created our Indigenous Reskilling, Engagement and Networking Initiative (IRENI). The goals of the initiative are:

  • Building financial wealth and economic connectivity for Aboriginal people and businesses.
  • Building stronger Aboriginal communities through highly skilled, motivated Indigenous workforces and challenging the transgenerational trauma prevalent within Indigenous culture.
  • Building a culturally respectful and cognizant working industry.

As part of the IRENI framework, we've set our Indigenous employment and procurement targets to 30% prior to the end of the 21/22 financial year.

Our procurement targets are being achieved by proactively engaging with and supporting Indigenous businesses registered or certified under the Supply Nation Indigenous Business Directory.

Agile Group are also registered with:

  • South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
  • Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria
  • NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
Additionally, Agile Group engage with South Australian Indigenous employment providers, job boards and we offer Indigenous traineeships.


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